Sunday, August 14, 2011

I see London, I see France...

Hi friends!
It has been a long time since I last wrote; I hope all are doing well.  We've enjoyed 45 days of triple-digit heat and I'm SICK of it.  :)  Southern women are supposed to be dewey not sweaty!  Blech!

Time has been filled with so much this summer.  My involvement with Pekingese rescue has become a full time job and that dang full time job that pays the bills has been cramping my art time!    Pekingese Rescue has been great.  In total Mom and I have pulled 11 dogs since May - that's 11 lives that were saved from shelters that were over-flowing and puppy mills.  We've lost our beloved Fawn and adopted sweet Cocoa. For details on our fosters visit my other blog - link to the right of the page.  And at this point...I will willingly take donations.  Rescue is far more expensive than I thought and AMEX actually does put a limit to how much a person can spend! 

So last month I went to a paint class in Fort Worth with my dear friend Cami.  The theme of the class was a romantic French image of the Eiffel Tower.  Cami's husband drove us because the class was BYOB.  Yeah, that tells you already how my painting turned out!  Cami and I had a blast!!  We were in a class with a lot of great people and with some nibblies and drink we quickly turned into the rowdy girls.  'Magine that?!

Here are some images from our class, Cami captured the whole Eiffel Tower feel.  I somehow captured a Pagoda them with psychedelic roses.  It was so much fun though and each time I look at it I smile and giggle to myself.

In October the Paper Cowgirls will have a Wicked Tea.  I can't wait!  It is going to be a wickedly good time!

Wishing everyone well - Best wishes and high hopes,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekingese

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