Monday, March 30, 2009



I hope you enjoy these images; feel free to use them if you'd like!

(Isn't this little boy adorable?)
Best wishes and high hopes to you all!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Happy Sunday everyone!

Normality has returned to my sweet little place in Texas - the weather is once again warm!
Yesterday I visited my favorite antique mall in the area, Mid-Cities Antique Mall. It's wonderful because there are almost no "non-vintage/non-antique" booths and so much of what is in there reminds me of my grandmother's house or my youth. Don't let the fact that I used to be a vendor there make you think I'm biased! ha ha ha The owner of this mall and the vendors are so wonderful - with warm welcomes and hugs they welcomed me and said how much they missed my little Monkey Faced, Ginger Socks. She spent many a weekend surprising customers by running over their feet.

Anyways...I found so many treasures but had to limit myself. I wanted to share my goodies with you because I just LOVE it when I find little Pekingese treasures.

The Peke on the left is stamped "JAPAN" so if this was an Occupied Japan piece then it was made between 1945 and 1951. I'll need to do a little research on it. The Peke on the right is a small planter and my first Peke planter! I've been looking and looking but never found any except on EBAY. Don't get me wrong - I love EBAY but sometimes I prefer the "thrill of the hunt".

The little pitcher in the middle is so sweet. I'm going to use it in the Easter Basket I'm making for my Mom. We still make baskets for each other and fill them with all sorts of little inexpensive trinkets. It's a tradition that we've done since I was little and got my first allowance.

The picture is the neatest old farm house from West Texas. I'll scan it later and share with everyone.

Lastly...I found part of an old birdcage. I say old, probably only 20 years or so. But it was half price and I can't wait to fill it with some of the paper flowers, birds and little paper fairies.

I hope each of you are enjoying a lazy and relaxing Sunday.

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,

Friday, March 27, 2009

My girls...

Saffron and Sandy spent a little time outside before it got too cold today.

Sweet little Ginger Socks chewing whatever stick she found. I'm sure it's here in the house somewhere now.

And my precious little Peanut...poor little lopsided girl. Here she is relaxing on my bed wondering if I woke her to give her a treat. That little face just makes my smile and chuckle.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Could it be?

That I'm almost at the end of my SECOND WEEK OF WORKING?!?! Yes, I'm screaming in joy. ha ha ha I still cannot believe how lucky I am and that I'm working for such a wonderful company.

I hope each of you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost 20 years!

(Berlin Wall in 1986. Image owned by siyublog and found on Flickr)
Can you believe it is almost 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down? Here is a great article about how the anniversary will be celebrated...

Marking Wall's fall by toppling giant "dominos"

BERLIN (Reuters) – Berliners plan to topple a two kilometer-long chain of giant "dominoes" along the path of the wall that once separated communist east from the west, to mark the 20th anniversary of its fall.
"We want to knock over the wall once again," said Klaus Wowereit, mayor of Berlin. Assembly of more than 1,000 styrofoam slabs, each 2.5 meters (eight feet) high and one meter (three feet) wide, is beginning this week.

At a ceremony on November 9, the day in 1989 on which crowds of east Germans swept through the wall and began tearing it down, the slabs will be pushed over. The "dominoes" will be decorated by young people from Berlin and abroad in a myriad different styles. "I was given the opportunity to paint a map on this domino, which is great fun," said Mathieu Chergait, an exchange student from France as he worked on the slab with two Korean students. Another is decorated with a design portraying a multicolored brick wall being opened with a giant zipper to represent the ripping down of the barrier that divided the city for three decades.

One of the sponsors, the Goethe Institut, said it planned to use the idea to spread around the world the story about how Germany overcame its division peacefully. "We want to take the dominoes to many countries, especially to those where there is still a division today, such as Korea, Yemen or Cyprus," said Hans-Georg Knopp, head of the Goethe Institut.

(Editing by Andrew Roche)

Monday, March 23, 2009

February and March Journal Pages

Happy Monday!

I have to make myself spend more time practicing painting and mixing paints, paper, and so on. Here's what I've put together over the last few weeks...they aren't going to be hanging on any walls but they really do represent my emotions and if nothing else - I'm proud of that.

Forgive me for the photo quality, I think it's time for a flat bed scanner.

Losing Control was a page I did prior to hearing from my current employer. I had totally lost control at that point, remember the one box of Little Debbies a day period of time?

Bad Dream represents the nightmares I've had for the last several years but especially lately..

This page represents a day when I felt a bit carefree. I think I had just had enough emotionally and was trying to remember everything and everybody that I love and cherish. ( I'm a little heavy handed with the aging paint..must refrain from going overboard....must refrain...must refrain...)

I did this page just because I had all sorts of images in a pretty teal green, this was a relaxing page to make. I actually put stitches on this page, I like the effect and will experiment with that more going forward.

The next page was made using an image shared by a fellow blogger (once I recall who I'll add her link). I just thought it was a beautiful picture and I had this beautiful glittery ribbon from Christmas that just matched perfectly.

Last but not least this one I made because I miss my best friend and her children (my darling niece and nephew) terribly. Jennifer (yep, we share the name) and I have know each other since 3rd grade and I'm lost without her friendship.

Thanks for spending time with me this evening.
Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of Spring in Texas!

For those who haven't spent much time in Texas let me explain our seasons.....

January - April the weather ranges from 36 degrees to 80 degrees, sometimes back to back. Yes, truly our weather changes that dramatically. We had snow here a month or so ago followed by a week of heat that required the AC.
April - September the weather ranges from warm to hotter than the heat of a thousand suns.

September to December - who knows.... 40 degrees maybe is the average but it's sprinkled with some lousy cold days and some humid heat....again, usually back to back. Shorts and flip flops have been seen at Christmas time.

But...for a blessed couple of weeks in late March and early April we have what we consider spring. We don't really have an autumn, leaves hardly change color and mums and pansies usually don't survive the return of heat in November. But in our "spring" is glorious. We have the most incredible breezes, the bluebonnets pop out, pear trees look snow covered and the song birds return. I love our spring, the wheat grass is starting to come out (unaware that it will be scorched and kindling in just a few months), the trees have the beginnings of leaves, windows can be left open and there aren't too many bugs yet. (You know that saying about everything is bigger in Texas...that extends to our bugs! )

I wanted to share some images of "my spring" with you. I hope you enjoy and for a moment, feel the peace that I feel.

Bluebonnets in a field near my house...

Wisteria and roses from the neighborhood...

The ducks have returned to the local park...

My other babies (my finches) have returned and started building a nest in a gourd I left for them; they also love to admire themselves in a mirror on my patio wall...

Vendors have begun selling grapefruit and watermelon from South Texas...

And last but not little Ginger Socks sends her love!

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone!

I survived my first week!

Well dear friends...I survived!!!

Yes, I made it through the first week with my new job. I truly love it there; such a professional place and for once I don't feel like the fate of the company rests on me. Such a relief!!!

Yes, my team has already tested me a me mis-information about what they do support and another person taking the Friday afternoon off for a "family emergency" (I didn't realize it was March madness). But other than that things went well. However......I long for my afternoon naps. Do you know I ended up sleeping almost all day yesterday!!!!???? How sad am I? ha ha ha

I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity and grateful for the support I've received from my friends, family and new friends I've made here in the land of The Pretty Pekingese!

So, I've been working on some journal pages and trying my hand at some Easter surprises. I'm working on some Bunny Fairies. No pictures of them yet as I'm still in the learning phase and well, right now they look like they've escaped from the laboratory of a mad scientist - poor little things!

I've also purchased two pieces of art from some blogger friends - I am so thrilled to finally own some of their pieces! Both Jen and Patti included the most beautiful note cards with my package but unfortunately in my excitement I framed them and took them to work before I could snap a picture. I'll have to post pics of those later. Here's what I purchased - please visit their Etsy stores as they both have so many lovely items for sale!

Noodle and Lou
Patti Gibbons

Wonder if I could convince Jenn to start making little Pekingese Lullettes? he he he
My beloved girls have missed me so much this week and of course, I missed them. I can't go ANYWHERE (if you know what I mean) without them jumping in my lap for attention. Now, this is sweet to a degree but when you are on the porcelain throne and 4 dogs are trying to jump on your lap...... Rather awkward!

I'll be online later to post some of my journal pages and some spring pictures from here in Texas. Our famous blue bonnets are in bloom and I can't wait to take pictures of them and share with you.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,

PS...just for housekeeping purposes....don't use the images from Noodle and Lou or Patti Gibbons - they do have copyrights! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintage Lady


I wanted to share this picture I picked up over the weekend at a yard sale. Feel free to use it in your art!

Best wishes and high hopes to you!


Hello friends,
I cannot thank you enough for the support I have received after pouring my heart out on my blog. I didn't expect it and am so grateful. Evidently your positive thoughts helped because the company I was so anxious to work for offered me a wonderful position today and I accepted! I start Monday at 8 am (which given my new love for sleeping late might be a bit comical) and I cannot find words to express how thankful I am for this opportunity. Each day I felt a weight on my chest, migraines and I think, developed an ulcer. Now I feel so much relief and am just overcome with joy.

I wanted to share my news with each of you, my new friends. Thank you so much for your positive energy and I can only hope that my prayers help each of you.

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Job Search and a "New" artist (new to me!)

OK, I'm trying to stay positive here. It's been 7 months since I lost my job; I've submitted 200 resumes / applications as of today. Yes, 200. I've been out of work before but I've always been very fortunate and able to use my connections to find work. However, they are now looking for work. The credit card industry has been hit hard and I'll be honest, we've been greedy for a few years, but the volume of colleagues that are out of work is astonishing. I pray for all of them each night and hope that we can all find work again and help each other. However...if anyone needs a tenured Payments Industry professional please visit my LinkedIn. . Yes, I have stooped to begging on my blog....

OK...enough of that nonsense. Must toss my hair and grab a Little Debbie. Why are they so addictive?

While window-shopping on ETSY I re-visited one of my favorite's the sweetest little Pekingese trading card. I went to the artist's blog and I have to ask everyone to visit her site - she is an amazing artist named Patti Gibbons. She does ATCs which are so beautiful and she paints the most lovely paintings. I swear I just want to open a bottle of wine and stare at them until I'm a part of the picture.

So please visit her blog and website and leave a note of encouragement for her!

Also, here's the link to the card I love...I don't want to post the picture since I don't have her permission.

Well, time to pack up Peanut, Saffron, Sandy and little Ginger Socks and head to bed. Yes, all 4 sleep in the bed with me (one on my pillow, one against my leg, one curled against my back and one tries to sleep across my throat.) Pretty exciting Friday night planned...watching re-runs of Ab Fab and drinking virgin Mimosas. ha ha ha

Best wishes and high hopes to you all!

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast..." Hebrews 6:19

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching up...

Hello friends,
I'm sorry to have been absent for so long between posts. I finally know what folks on all of those depression commercials are talking about - I am very sad. I cannot seem to stay out of a "funk" for more than a day and I haven't wanted to use this blog to voice my feelings. We're all down in the dumps about something - many are having harder times than me but I can't seem to stay consistent in my emotions.

I'm just so sad and angry about not working, worried about how long I'll be out of work and well, just plain lonely. I miss listening to others banter in the halls, feeling as if I have a purpose, having people ask me for help and guidance. I miss having a reason to stay out of bed after I've fed my beloved dogs. I miss feeling strong and tough. I used to be the woman that nothing bothered,that had shoulders broad enough to handle everyone's issues and care for everyone else but now they are slumped and most of the time covered with a t-shirt from the dirty laundry basket. I know...yuck!

Some things I have noticed though in my melancholy, mean reds as Holly GoLightly called them.

1)One never really owns as much underwear as one thinks...eventually laundry day has to happen.
2) Eating an entire box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls in one sitting is really not a good idea.
3) Even with all of the lights off and the covers pulled over my head, the neighbors still know I'm home.
4) Closing the doors to unused rooms does nothing but allow the dust bunnies to grow stronger and more bold about showing themselves. I thought I had tumbleweeds in my den!
5) I would be my ideal weight by now if I had stopped sleeping and worked out (and put down the Little Debbies.)

So armed with these facts and some warm weather I'm trying to recapture a little of me. I've started working part time at the jewelry store I mentioned in an earlier post. It pays nothing but it gets me out of the house and I get super discounts on jewelry I can't afford! Tomorrow I will bathe the dogs and give them much needed manicures. I will sweep my neighbor's leaves off my porch for the 100th time. I will catch the dust bunnies...

Hopefully I'll feel creative enough to work on some ATCs and my journal again. I have been looking at everyone's blogs and comforted by your artwork and updates. Thank you to everyone for opening your lives up and sharing a bit of you with me.

Till next time...

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,