Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

Hello dear friends,
It's time for the 2011 and sadly, final One World One Heart event.  What an amazing opportunity to meet others and share interests.  For those that may be "meeting" me for the first time please indulge me while I introduce myself.  My name is Jennie and as the title of my blog suggests, I'm fond of Pekingese.  I have 4 female Pekes that keep me busy and love working with paper to create altered canvases, ATCs, journals and well, anything involving paper! 

I have a bit of an addiction to paper and chocolate.  I am clumsy and sometimes a bit goofy.  A true Southern belle that believes in being sassy, creative and sweet tea.  All food is better fried.  Hair must  be big and have lots of hair spray (the higher the hair the closer to God).  Glitter is a gift that just keeps on giving.  A simple pearl necklace is appropriate for any occasion.  A circle of mushrooms means that fairies are planning a party so if you're patient and quiet, you may see one!  The greatest sign of summer are lightening bugs and the sweet taste of honeysuckle.  Oh my...I could just go on and on...

I so look forward to meeting everyone and being inspired by your lives.  The One World One Heart event will be between January 30th and February 17th so please be sure to visit our generous hostess Lisa and the links to other participants.  (click the picture to visit the site)

Also, I'm excited to be giving away a door prize!  Saffron, Ginger, Pepper and Sandy helped pick the items below so I hope you'll enjoy them.  I'm having a lot of fun putting this together so it's quite possible that more items will be added - if I can get the girls to agree on what else to include!  They are such picky little Pekes!
So far we have Pretty in Pink as the theme with several pages of beautiful scrap-paper, sheet music, some great pictures from Texas as well as receipts from the 30's, old book pages and some cute shells, dice, chicks and chipboard crowns. 

Please leave your name in the comments section if you'd like to have your name added to the drawing.  On the 17th the girls will pick a winner.

Best wishes to all for an exciting OWOH!

Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Southern Sunday - Front Porches

Hello dear friends,
When I moved to Texas from Tennessee a couple of things stood out to me (besides the heat and lack of tall trees)...

Folks seem to prefer wooden fences to hide their backyard and rarely do you see a front porch.  Well, that's just not neighborly in my opinion.  Back home, the only reason you put a fence up is to keep your animals in or Barney Fife from knowing about your moonshine still.  Even then we used chain link fence and would keep the still in an out-building and just tell everyone that it was a fruit cellar.  wink wink

Front porches were for socializing, keeping tabs on your neighbors and for naps on summer days.  It's where as a kid I'd build pretend Barbie houses for my dolls out of seat cushions, read a book or sit to wait for my prince charming.  It's where I would hug my family when seeing them from being away for an extended time, watch for the ice cream truck and dress my little Pekingese up in doll clothes.

Back yards were great as a kid.  In the South, kids migrated from one house to the other to play.  If we were in the mood to play on a trampoline we'd go to the Bahors' house.  If we were in the mood to swing we'd hang out at mine.  If kids rode by on their bikes and saw us it wasn't uncommon for them to ride the bike into the backyard and join in.  Back yards were safe and full of adventure.  We would climb trees, steal tomatoes from the garden, build forts and tell secrets.  (Justin is so funny...Jimmy gave me this necklace from the gumball machine...)

During the summer at least one meal during any given day was eaten either on the front porch or in the backyard on a picnic table.  Momma would say it's to keep her house clean but I think she liked being outside just as much as we did. 

Seems to me that if we had more front porches and un-fenced backyards kids would be happier and healthier.  Folks would care about their neighbors more.  But, maybe that's just the Southern girl in me talking.

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the back-yard playing, front-porch missing Pekes

Monday, January 17, 2011

Window Shopping

Dear ones,
I've decided to do some re-decorating in my craft room.  I'm so lucky because I don't have a budget and  no matter what size everything will fit! 

Isn't this postal sorter amazing!  I found it on CraigsList and it's at a local antique mall, Lulu B's West.  I can see all of my tags, jars of sequins and beads, knick-knacks and supplies stashed in the cubbies.

This hutch is PERFECT for hiding a flat screen and Bose stereo with satellite radio turned to the Acid Jazz station.

And found this on Etsy.  It holds, are your ready...275 rolls of ribbon.  This is truly an amazing piece.  Click here to get the details.
 Every great craft room must have a great table.  How about this Etsy beauty?  And with the aluminum!

Now, the craft room will need a clock of course.  I think this clock from Pier One is a perfect fit!
Lighting and some floor covering is needed:  check out Urban Outfitters for details on this adorable bird cage lamp and rug.

Now, I'll definitely need a place to sip my Lady Grey tea.  How about this beautiful chair?  (Found this on Etsy but didn't save the link.)

Now, I won't lie to you.  I must have some place to keep my medicine.  And since I NEED my evening medicine I'll need a place to store it.  This little number fits the bill I think.  Might have to white-wash it but I won't complain to much.  (Holds a mere 400 bottles, may need a couple of these.)

 Well, I'm sure I'll need a nap after my medicine.  What better place to nap than here?
The website Urban Farmhouse doesn't have this sofa for sale anymore since I "bought" it however, please visit their site -really great Parisian and New Country styled items.  Very nice.

Lastly, I can't craft, take my medicine or nap without my Pretty Pekes near me.  So, being the darling Princesses that they are, they need the best beds to rest in.

For my little Sandy who embodies the blond flirty nature of Marilyn Monroe this little bed.
For my beautiful black beauty, Saffron.  She takes after me and loves leopard.

My little monkey, Ginger Socks will love this one.  She can lay on the back or snuggle up.

 Darling little Pepper is still shy and hide often.  This Princess bed is perfect for her.
 And for when my Mom's sweet little Chi visits, she can sleep here.  Fawn is quite into luxury and would love this pretty bed.  Please visit for more doggy decadence!
Thanks for shopping with me!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dress Up 2011 - January Entry

Hello dear friends,
The gentle Angela of Sew Loquacious is the hostess in 2011 for the Dress Up challenge.  This is a wonderful chance to step out of my comfort zone and work on something not canvas related.  I didn't think I would love doing this as much as I do (despite the hot glue burns on my fingertips!).  Each month the challenge will be influenced by a particular artist or genre of art.  For January, our inspiration is Impressionism.  Such a beautiful art style that can be intrepreted in so many ways.  Please visit Angela's site to see examples of how others were inspired.

For me, I feel a bit like I'm in a fairy tale when looking at an Impressionist painting.  The beauty of colors and how they blend, the soft blurring of images that make me feel as if I'm slowly waking from a long sleep in a field of color.  Wow...and that was said without a single drop of wine! 

Here are front and back images of my dress.  I created a dress template on posterboard and covered with a soft blue rice paper.  I then took my favorite ribbon, (it's a sheer wire edged ribbon from "The Robert Stanley" collection you can find it at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars) and rolled it around a pencil to create loops.  I then adhered it to the dress form both on the front and back with quick dollops of glue.  Around the bodice I used a lavender velvet ribbon with a cameo broach attached.  Along the bodice I attached ceramic roses and stick-back pearls. 

I could be happy waking in a beautiful green field filled with flowers and sunlight wearing this dress. 

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

Southern Sunday - Tennessee Real Estate

Who doesn't love to indulge in the voyeuristic practice of looking at homes for sale?  For me, I prefer historic homes - homes that have a tale to tell.  Below are some of the properties that are for sale right now in my home state.  Not all are historic but these homes are a great representation of the styles commonly seen in small towns throughout my beloved state.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Southern Sunday - Baseball & Westerns

Dear friends,
Growing up 2 things were very important to watch on the picture box -  old westerns and baseball.  Now frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about either despite my attempts to appreciate them.  (I suppose saying I don't care about a rat's ass is pretty hateful considering I'm an animal lover and all.  However, if I were to pick an animal's ass that I really wasn't too concerned about I guess I would pick a rat's.  I don't like the idea that their asses are blown up testing microwaves and that we inject them with silicone to make sure our boob implants are safe but... Seriously, I care about my Pekingese' asses and a cat and even an actual mule are better than a rat's.  Fiddlesticks...I'm off on a tangent.)

Back to the topic...westerns and ballgames.  Growing up Sunday mornings were spent watching westerns before Church.  The afternoons were spent watching baseball.  I swear I think the dang Braves played even on Christmas day.  Sure seems like they were always playing a game somewhere.   I think I was born doing that tomahawk chop thingy with my arm. 

Even though neither are a favorite of mine I can't help but miss hearing a game or watching a Western on TBS on Sundays.  I miss being a kid, hearing my family snore to one or the other and curling up wishing that my Daddy would read the comics again to me. 

Cheers to a Southern Sunday tradition - enjoying a lazy Sunday with family.

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the Purty Pekes

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year

Dear friends,
Please make this year extra special.  Adopt a shelter pet.  I'm so saddened by the increase in Pekingese on Petfinder and since I cannot save them all - please, please consider adding one to your home.  Now, Pekes aren't always great with kids so you'll want to take care that you're adopting the right Peke for your family.  But don't be afraid if one has heartworms. allergies or a missing eye.  These things don't diminish their capacity to love or be loved.

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Not knowing how to think
I scream aloud, begin to sink
My legs and arms are broken down
With envy for the solid ground.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Southern Sunday

Dear friends,
When I'm asked to describe myself, I say I'm a proud Southern woman. To me, that sums up everything you could possibly need to know about me.

  • I'm a proud American.

  • I believe in God.

  • I'm a strong woman.

  • I'm smart and am not afraid to argue my point if you are wrong.

  • I believe in flirting.

  • I believe in family, friendship and food.

  • I've broad shoulders and despite moments of weakness can and will handle anything.

  • I'll sacrifice anything to help someone in need.

  • I love animals and consider the sound of crickets music.

  • I believe in the virtues of hair spray for my hair and for killing bugs (freeze those suckers in place).

My list of Southern beliefs can go on and on. So to honor the South I'm going to start blogging each week about Southern traditions, values, food, etc. If anyone else wishes to participate you're welcome to! Just let me know and I'll add a link to your blog on mine.

To begin this Southern tribute I want to introduce you to Patricia Neely-Dorsey. A Mississippi woman with a wonderful gift for explaining Southern life. Reading her poetry is like closing my eyes and being transported back to Tennessee.

For my first Southern Sunday I thought I'd share with you our belief of eating Black-Eyed Peas on New Years Day. We believe these little peas to be harbingers of luck. From the days of the Civil War when Sherman stole much of our food and supplies we were left with Peas and Salted Pork. We survived the harsh winters with these rations. Also, slaves are said to have celebrated emancipation in 1863 with rations of black-eyed peas. Either way, these peas are a way of marking a future of luck, change and survivial. We Southerners are good people but we made a heap of judgement errors long ago. May the sharing of black-eyed peas between all descendents bring us this much closer to moving on.

4 Slices thick, fatty bacon
1 medium onion, chopped
1 bag of dried black-eyed peas
Pinch of salt
A palmful of fresh black peper
3 cups of water

First you'll want to fry the bacon till it's nice and crisp but NOT burnt. Put aside for a spell.
Saute the onion in the bacon drippings. Mmmmmm
Add the peas and water to the pan with the onion.
Let simmer for about 45 minuttes to an hour.
Once the peas are tender add salt and pepper to taste. I usually throw in some celery seed too for flavoring.
Cruble the bacon and add to the cooked peas.

Serve with cornbread and sweet tea. Yummy!

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes