Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yeah, I'm hot

Hello friends,
While catching up on everyone's lives I couldn't help but remember a dinner I had recently with my Mom at Outback. Sue Ann from Sue Ann's Journey wrote today about her lobster dinner and Baskin Robbins birthday cake which triggered this memory. Mmmm.....Baskin Robbins......

Not long ago Mom and I went to dinner and thought we'd try Outback for a change. We're more likely to be in a sub shop or Applebee's so this was a fun treat for us. I happen to be gaga for crab legs so naturally that's what I ordered.

Now, I'm not a leg conisuer. I do enjoy a well toned leg on a man and envy women with insurance worthy legs. Wait...I'm off track, I'm not a crab leg conisuer. However there's a magic to knowing how long to steam those puppies so that the meat just pulls out soft and tender. Outback isn't quite the best at this because my legs were a bit chewy but they were still yummy. That being said, I was a bit challenged getting every last morsel. Don't worry though, I let my vanity go and dived in. There was butter flying, lots of cracking of legs and eating with my fingers. I didn't want to miss a thing. 3 drawn butter bowls later I was done and longing for more.

So, not feeling so hot since I basically ate a pound of crab legs as if I had never seen a fork or napkin before, managed to make horrible sounds while sucking the last of the butter from my fingers and pretty much grossed out the sweet waiter. Who cares...it's crab legs and I was feeling not so hot but I was way happy.

That feeling of not being hot soon passed. Mom and I went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream afterwards and again, I ate my food with relish. I was in chocolate fudge heaven! Soon after we finished eating I got in line to purchase a pint, who am I kidding, 2 pints to take home. While I'm standing in line a cute man keeps staring and I started thinking...I must look goooooooooood. I'm pretty self conscience so this man is really making me feel good about myself. I stand taller, stick the girls out further, suck the tummy in and start practicing my kegels. Then Mom walks up and points out that I have ice cream all over me. Not only do I have ice cream GLOBS down the front of my jacket, on my sleeves, drips on my camisole but I have butter stains.

I'm not hot. I'm a pig.


She threw a dog toy at my head...

Monday, June 28, 2010

She bit the nip...

Hello friends,
Ok ladies, it goes without saying that most, if not all, of us would prefer to not be bothered with a bra. Especially those of us that are required by southern standards of etiquette to wear an under-wire. I personally would prefer to wear a sports bra to a Victoria Secret special any given day. Forget lace and sexiness, give me cotton and comfort.

Perhaps my personal dislike for bras stems from my Mom's dislike for bras. Yep, she's a burn your bra in the 60's woman. Thanks to my Mom and women like her I have had more opportunities available to me than she did at my age. Yes, I am grateful for the obstacles she fought through.

She's learned many lessons over the years since but none quite so uniquely painful as the lesson she learned this week. In our house of 6 dogs (my 5 plus Mom's Chi) wearing bras is a bit like wearing body armour. A necessity to boobie survival.

Well, in the midst of breaking up a small fight between my innocent new Pekingese and my Mom's innocent little Chi her boob got in the way. Yes friends, my newest baby bit the nip.

Now, be proud of me. I didn't fall on the floor laughing; I displayed the appropriate level of concern for a day...then I lost it. Sweet mother of Pekingese, how do you not laugh at this? Her poor boobie nip is swolen and bruised from a tiny 8lb dog.

While I know she'll read this and probably throw something at my head within the next hour, I hope she has learned a lesson. If you're boobs are big enough to get in the fight, better wear protection!

Best wishes and high hopes to each of you,

Jennie and the boobie biting Pekes

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello dear ones,
What a year! I cannot believe that it's been so long since my last post nor can I believe how much in my life has changed. I've had my heart broken by the one person that promised he never would, family and friends have experienced medical hardships, I've adopted yet another adorable Pekingese and..oh yeah...my Mom has moved in with me. Yes, life is full of change.

Change isn't new to me. My entire life, your entire life, everyone's life is about change. But what is interesting is how consistently upside down my changes seem to be! ha ha ha

When I was young I knew I would be a criminal psychologist, married with children. When I was married I knew I would be divorced. When I was divorced I knew I didn't want children nor did I want to carry a gun anymore and pick up "perps." When I met my ex-beau I knew I wanted to be married, have kids and a white picket fence. Now, now I only know that I'll have extra dog poop to clean up in the morning. Is knowing that there is nothing to truly "know" a sign of wisdom or complete exhaustion?!

Most of the changes in my life are positive though sometimes I have to squint to see the good. Having a new dog in the family is wonderful in the sense of the additional love and joy. My job, while not a recent change, is a change that I'm still thrilled with. The change in my relationship status is painful and sad but I understand it and while I'm not happy about this change I do see the potential for both he and I to heal and move on. The biggest change of all, having my Mom move in is bittersweet. It's wonderful in the sense that I can care for her and protect her but sad in that I hate that she had to give up her home and make the move. My Mom is young but plagued with various medical issues that make living alone challenging. She's a trooper and will be able to maintain her independence living here, just has to put up with me and my pack of dogs.

The changes that aren't so positive are with me and my soul. I find myself restless in spirit. I've lost touch with God and I'm ashamed of the distance. I'm overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety I've brought on myself and shocked by the anger that seems to be so close to the surface lately. Fortunately, I can make it through this and fight to be better. Isn't that what life is about, fighting to be a better person?

May all of you find positive in change and see the hope in something new.

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,
Jennie and all of the Pretty Pekes + one lumpy Terrier