Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear friends,
I so love St. Patrick's Day.  A day of celebration, laughter and reflection on faith.  The Irish are such a spiritual group - whether you are Catholic, Protestant or a Druid.  The passion for our faith is strong and we see this faith in so much that we look at.  Our conversion to Christianity is an exciting tale that leads us to the current legends of St. Patrick and shamrocks.  Many believe that St. Patrick used the shamrock as a way of explaining the Holy Trinity.  True or not, the shamrock has become the un-official symbol for Irish folks and of the Irish Catholic faith.  Take a look at St. Patrick's cathedral (one of my favorite places in NY.) Within the Gothic styled architecture you'll see several 3 "leafed" images. 

So either before or after you begin your Guinness fest, take a moment to reflect and remember the mystery and legends of our people and our faith.  We have such a wonderful history and today is our day to dance a jig to celebrate it. 

Slainte my dear friends!

Best wishes and high Irish hopes to you all,
Jennie and the temporarily green Pekes 


  1. Ah..and a lovely St. Paddy's to you and yours as well. I am proud to be Irish everyday..but just a wee bit more on St. Paddy's!!

  2. Hi Jennie! I'm so happy I found your blog! I'm now a follower. I wanted to email you, but I didn't see a link to do so. I have a peke named Annie that looks just like your Sandy and a pekeapom named Dexter (both rescued). Annie is such a sweet, little angel and Dexter.....we call him demon man. Must be the pom in him! Have a great day!

  3. Here is a Peke owner in Australia!
    Moi Moi says G'day and so does her brother Kenzo who is not a Peke but a malt x shih tzu.