Sunday, March 13, 2011

Match Boxes, Tags, Dresses and Funky Finds Oh My!

Hello dear friends,
Over the last few weeks I've participated in 2 really fun swaps.  The first was a Thinking Spring tag swap hosted by the fabulous JoAnne of the Vintage Dragonfly.  There were 10 participants and we were each challenged with creating tags that reflect what inspires us to think spring.  So many lovely artists participated and my tag book is now a treasured part of my collections.  I just love it. 

Another swap that I particpated in was the Petite Inspiration Matchbox swap with the theme Flea Market Finds.  This swap was hosted bythe Speckled Egg.  My swap partners were wonderful and spoiled me with their creativity and finds. 

Below are the images from my sweet swap partner Catherine.  I just love how she covered the inside of the box and the detail to the exterior.  Not to mention the wonderful goodies within!  Thank you Catherine!  I love it!

My other swap partner was the lovely Kana.  Kana lives just outside of my hometown of Nashville so seeing her box was extra special.  It was like getting pieces of home sent to me.  I miss Tennessee so much and knowing that she went to one of my favorite flea markets in the South (Nashville fair grounds) wow...was pretty awesome.

Next, I completed my February dress for the Monthly Dress Up Challenge being hosted by Angela with Sew Loquacious.  February's inspiration was Gustav Klimdt.  This was a tough one for me because I'm not a fan of his but that's the point of a challenge.  To push your comfort levels and test your creativity!  Here's my interpretation.  I was inspired by "The Kiss" with all of the shimmery gold and accents of color dotted throughout.  My dress is made of leaf shaped sequins (in honor of his many nature inspired paintings).  I'm working on the March dress which is to be inspired by Modern Art.  This one I'm having a lot of fun with!!  Pictures to follow in a few days.

 Please visit Angela's website for other amazing images of dresses. 

Last but by no means least...Funky Finds was this weekend.  Funky Finds is an amazing event that is open to all types of artists.  It's a great opportunity to see and meet artists and learn about their creations.  I found an amazing woman that made earrings from paper, another person that made belt buckles and cuff bracelets from discarded materials like old watches, industrial items and broken jewelry.  Beautiful.  But I'm biased.  My favorite booth was Sandra Feazel.  She is an amazing artist that I met at the October Wicked Tea hosted by the Paper Cowgirl.  I was lucky enough to snag a piece of art and even better sign up for a class she's teaching at the Paper Cowgirl event in January.  I also grabbed the cutest ring too that will be perfect for the Paper Cowgirl event. 
Sandra will be teaching this in June at Paper Cowgirl!


Picture I purchased at Funky Finds!
I wasn't able to get a good picture of the ring, partly because my manicure is so chipped from yard work today.

I wish everyone a creative week and thanks for spending some time catching up with me.

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the Pekes


  1. Oh, some lovely items and your tag book is amazing! You're lucky to take the looks like a lot of fun and we'll need pictures! Have a great week..

  2. Jenn...I missed Funky Finds this time around 'cuz I was entertaining my was worth every moment! Your swaps look like they were sooo much fun...that "dress swap" group is amazing...I might have to look into that! As for Paper Cowgirl...YEAH! I'm thrilled that we'll get to see each other there...I'm gonna have to check out the site to get your address...we're gonna have to start conspiring together about some things before the big event!
    just me...missin' you...jan