Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't really is me!

Hello dear friends,
It's so hard to believe the length of time between my posts.  It certainly isn't for the lack of anything to say but the lack of time and honestly, energy, to post.

It's been a busy couple of months - I've participated in several wonderful swaps, I'm getting ready for Paper Cowgirl next week, I've had some sick pups, a worn out back, a tornado threat and best of all, I rescued a Pretty Pekingese!

Where to start?  How about from bottom to top!  A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of pulling a male Pekingese from the Arlington Animal Services center. Sadly, it's a kill shelter so time was limited.  He was a stray from Garland that somehow ended up in Arlington with a disconnected number listed on his name tag.  His name is Lucky but the people who adopt him will be the lucky ones.  He is a 3 year old, neutered male, healthy as can be, happy as a lark, playful, smart, extremely well behaved, house-trained and rarely barks.  My Mom and I instantly fell in love and leaving him with the rescue group was bittersweet.  He has a great future with wonderful people but I wish I could have kept him.  Here's little Lucky while we were riding to Oklahoma City to meet the rescue group.  Thanks so much Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue!!!

The back...oh what agony...oh what pain..oh pity me please!  Ok, that's a little extreme but it has been about a 12 on the 0-10 pain scale for a while now.  I finally went to see a Spine surgeon and will hopefully find out soon if something can be done to correct that lovely curve, the arthritis and pinched nerves.  Only so much discomfort I can breathe through much longer. 

Enough of that selfish nonsense. 

Our area had a tornado rush through the other night which made for great fun.  Have YOU ever sat in a smallish walk-in closet full of dirty clothes with your Mom and 5 dogs?  LOL  My poor Mom was probably wondering if I ever do laundry by the piles of clothes on the floor.  Fortunately all is well and our area was spared from anything other than heavy winds and pea-sized hail.  It was loud and noisy but even our little lizard out back made it through.  (Yes, dear friends...Mr. Wicky is back and other than missing his tail looks great!)  Here he is with his tail.

I've participated in a couple of bunting swaps, matchbox swaps and am getting ready for Paper Cowgirl next week.  I'm so excited - I love seeing my girlfriends and creating glitter and glue messes with them.  Here are some of the boxes I made...

Jan is in Essex England and loves nature.  So her box is covered with a soft bird newsprint and I made a paper mache nest that I covered in moss and added 3 blue beads to for eggs.  The little bird is a Wade Whimsy which seemed perfect.  The other box was for Piper in Utah, who loves spring and tea pots and frills.  I found a child's tea cup and created a bouquet in it from paper flowers and broken earrings then stickled dots on the box and trimmed with velvet.  These were soooo much fun to make.

The boxes they made me were soooo lovely and I'll post pictures soon of them.  These swaps create such great friendships and I'm thrilled to say that Kana from a previous swap will be my roomie at Paper Cowgirl and Piper from this swap is now someone I regulaly chat with on Facebook.  All of the ladies are wonderful and it's an honor to craft for them.

For Paper Cowgirl I've completed 100 charms to provide to each attendee and the instructors.  The idea is that we'll swap charms as tokens of friendship.  I'm also participating in 2 swaps, an altered cigar box exchange and a name tag swap.  I had to restart the cigar box because my first one became a modge podge mess.  Almost done...  Almost done with the name tag which I love.  I made a wrist corsage and just need to add the name.  I'll post pictures as soon as everything is done.  Really pleased with all of them so far.

Let's see....oh yes, something huge happened.  I attended the Royal Wedding!!!  Yes, my lovely bonnet and I were up, curled against our pillows watching the wedding much like we watched Diana's oh so long ago.  My bonnet, while not a Fascinator, was black and white and far more posh than my bed linens but how could I not wear one for such an event!?!  Such a wonderful circle of life to have witnessed - the marriage of Diana and Charles, the introduction of William to the world after he was born and now little William's marriage to his beautiful Catherine.  I'm proud to have been a witness to such a romantic story.

My darling Saffron has been suffering from seizures, the cause is unknown and the triggers are varied.  Today alone she has had 4.  I'm terrified by them and worry for her future.  I've got her on phenobarb. but hate the side effects of it.  However, I'll do anything to keep her safe and healthy.  Here she is after a very recent summer cut.  She's 11 now, the matriarch of my pack.

My Mom's little Chi has recently been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  It's causing her to cough and have difficulty jumping but hasn't stopped her from begging for treats at 9pm on the dot each night!  She's on a diuretic and we're monitoring her closely as well.  Fawn is 12 and by far, my favorite Chi.

Lastly, my little Ginger Socks suffers so from allergies.  She's on steroids, benadryl and a prescription for a topical ear and eye treatment.  Bless her little monkey face.

I hope each of you are well.  I've been visiting your blogs and wishing you well with each visit.  May you have a wonderful day of reflection, gratitude and love for those that sacrifice for our nation.

Best wishes and high hopes,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes


  1. Oh Jennie you are such an angel for saving that sweet Pekingese! I hope all the pups are doing well, especially Saffron and your mom's pup. My Peks just went and got their puppy cuts. They look so cute right now! Oh and your box creations are gorgeous! Have a great week!

  2. So much happening with you, wow! I can't believe Spidey is back. I thought he might be gone for good. Have a wonderful week!

  3. The poor Peke must have done good in the past to be rescued by you. Your act is really noble. Glad that the dog has found his new home.

    Nimfa on pekingese training

  4. Kudos to you for saving this peke. I have a squish faced love myself and they are the best:)


  5. I have a rescue Pekingese as well! And he suffers from seizures! My vet said it's most likely heat triggered, so I actually got him an ice pack harness to help him stay a little cool at the dog park. What other triggers have you seen? You mentioned they were varied.