Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Blog Alert!

Hi dear friends!
I've started a new blog that will focus on Pekingese and animal rescue.  Please visit and follow to lend your support for this amazing breed.

I'm not a 501C and am primarily offering transport services and very short term foster care.  But it's a start.  One day I hope to have my own rescue group so that I never have to fret over an animal in need.  One day I'll get there!

Sending Peke Hugs to everyone!
Jennie and the Pretty Pekingese


  1. My grade school best friend had the cutest pekingese named Wee-Won. He was the sweetest thing. Congrats on your new venture! You're doing a great thing!

  2. My dream is to have the room and the funding to save them all...but I know I can't save them all..I love them all so much and my heart hurts for any animal that is in need :-( Good luck and good for you! There will be a special place in Heaven for you and your little loves :-)

  3. Hi,

    I'm with Potomac Valley Pekingese in Virginia. Love your blog.....are you on Face Book? If so look us up!!!!


  4. Oops....forgot our web site link :)