Monday, June 28, 2010

She bit the nip...

Hello friends,
Ok ladies, it goes without saying that most, if not all, of us would prefer to not be bothered with a bra. Especially those of us that are required by southern standards of etiquette to wear an under-wire. I personally would prefer to wear a sports bra to a Victoria Secret special any given day. Forget lace and sexiness, give me cotton and comfort.

Perhaps my personal dislike for bras stems from my Mom's dislike for bras. Yep, she's a burn your bra in the 60's woman. Thanks to my Mom and women like her I have had more opportunities available to me than she did at my age. Yes, I am grateful for the obstacles she fought through.

She's learned many lessons over the years since but none quite so uniquely painful as the lesson she learned this week. In our house of 6 dogs (my 5 plus Mom's Chi) wearing bras is a bit like wearing body armour. A necessity to boobie survival.

Well, in the midst of breaking up a small fight between my innocent new Pekingese and my Mom's innocent little Chi her boob got in the way. Yes friends, my newest baby bit the nip.

Now, be proud of me. I didn't fall on the floor laughing; I displayed the appropriate level of concern for a day...then I lost it. Sweet mother of Pekingese, how do you not laugh at this? Her poor boobie nip is swolen and bruised from a tiny 8lb dog.

While I know she'll read this and probably throw something at my head within the next hour, I hope she has learned a lesson. If you're boobs are big enough to get in the fight, better wear protection!

Best wishes and high hopes to each of you,

Jennie and the boobie biting Pekes

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  1. Good Lord, I know how that hurts. Happened to me about 6 months ago with our then puppy Chloe. She was only about 9 weeks old, and was sleeping next in me in bed. The next thing I know she was nipping at my hands and suddenly bit on my ninnie, as my beloved grandmother called them. Yikes! Did I see stars! My condolences to your Mom ;)