Monday, January 17, 2011

Window Shopping

Dear ones,
I've decided to do some re-decorating in my craft room.  I'm so lucky because I don't have a budget and  no matter what size everything will fit! 

Isn't this postal sorter amazing!  I found it on CraigsList and it's at a local antique mall, Lulu B's West.  I can see all of my tags, jars of sequins and beads, knick-knacks and supplies stashed in the cubbies.

This hutch is PERFECT for hiding a flat screen and Bose stereo with satellite radio turned to the Acid Jazz station.

And found this on Etsy.  It holds, are your ready...275 rolls of ribbon.  This is truly an amazing piece.  Click here to get the details.
 Every great craft room must have a great table.  How about this Etsy beauty?  And with the aluminum!

Now, the craft room will need a clock of course.  I think this clock from Pier One is a perfect fit!
Lighting and some floor covering is needed:  check out Urban Outfitters for details on this adorable bird cage lamp and rug.

Now, I'll definitely need a place to sip my Lady Grey tea.  How about this beautiful chair?  (Found this on Etsy but didn't save the link.)

Now, I won't lie to you.  I must have some place to keep my medicine.  And since I NEED my evening medicine I'll need a place to store it.  This little number fits the bill I think.  Might have to white-wash it but I won't complain to much.  (Holds a mere 400 bottles, may need a couple of these.)

 Well, I'm sure I'll need a nap after my medicine.  What better place to nap than here?
The website Urban Farmhouse doesn't have this sofa for sale anymore since I "bought" it however, please visit their site -really great Parisian and New Country styled items.  Very nice.

Lastly, I can't craft, take my medicine or nap without my Pretty Pekes near me.  So, being the darling Princesses that they are, they need the best beds to rest in.

For my little Sandy who embodies the blond flirty nature of Marilyn Monroe this little bed.
For my beautiful black beauty, Saffron.  She takes after me and loves leopard.

My little monkey, Ginger Socks will love this one.  She can lay on the back or snuggle up.

 Darling little Pepper is still shy and hide often.  This Princess bed is perfect for her.
 And for when my Mom's sweet little Chi visits, she can sleep here.  Fawn is quite into luxury and would love this pretty bed.  Please visit for more doggy decadence!
Thanks for shopping with me!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes


  1. Wow, that was a fun shopping trip for sure.
    I love the postal sorter. I need to start shopping craigs list.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Girl, we have so much in common! What wonderful taste you have. Have you done a post with your studio? I would love to see the real deal! And the first pic, of the postal sorter, OMG! I saw one EXACTLY like it (not painted though) on Craigslist LAST NIGHT! What a weird coincident. They wanted over $1000 for it though, and I just don't have that kind of cash, lol. I love searching for old postal sorters as well as old library card catalogs. I was lucky enough to find one this past summer with 15 drawers for cheap. Wish I could find more, lol. Chat soon! xoxo Rhonda...