Sunday, January 9, 2011

Southern Sunday - Baseball & Westerns

Dear friends,
Growing up 2 things were very important to watch on the picture box -  old westerns and baseball.  Now frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about either despite my attempts to appreciate them.  (I suppose saying I don't care about a rat's ass is pretty hateful considering I'm an animal lover and all.  However, if I were to pick an animal's ass that I really wasn't too concerned about I guess I would pick a rat's.  I don't like the idea that their asses are blown up testing microwaves and that we inject them with silicone to make sure our boob implants are safe but... Seriously, I care about my Pekingese' asses and a cat and even an actual mule are better than a rat's.  Fiddlesticks...I'm off on a tangent.)

Back to the topic...westerns and ballgames.  Growing up Sunday mornings were spent watching westerns before Church.  The afternoons were spent watching baseball.  I swear I think the dang Braves played even on Christmas day.  Sure seems like they were always playing a game somewhere.   I think I was born doing that tomahawk chop thingy with my arm. 

Even though neither are a favorite of mine I can't help but miss hearing a game or watching a Western on TBS on Sundays.  I miss being a kid, hearing my family snore to one or the other and curling up wishing that my Daddy would read the comics again to me. 

Cheers to a Southern Sunday tradition - enjoying a lazy Sunday with family.

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone,
Jennie and the Purty Pekes


  1. Even though I live in the North ( excluding a loved 7 year stay over in Florida)I have often been told I have the heart of a Southern Gentleman. As I read your posting I realize what people have been telling me must be true. I do like Westerns, have never found a baseball game I didn't like and have inherited from my wonderful father this uncanny ability to nap and snore at any given moment on Sunday afternoon. I guess I should look further into my family history; I must have southern roots. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by..I can't beleive we have so much in common and I didn't know you before! I have 2 adoptees, Braxton & Lulu..and I'm Irish..and I love, there you have it. I will be back..I wanna get to know you more ;-D

  3. hi jennie!
    thank you so much for the well wishes! I'll get over this yuck eventually! happy new year! your childhood Sundays sound like mine. as a kid and now:). xoxo...jenn