Friday, February 18, 2011

Did I really almost commit career suicide? Really???

Hello dear friends,
Well, if you aren't already aware I'm a little bit of a goof from time to time.  Heck, who am I kidding?  Most of the time.   I've been known to be so distracted at work that I've consumed a cup of tea without actually getting any of it in my mouth, I've walked into desks, tripped in my too high heels...oh my...the list goes on.

Well, here's the latest...

I work for a financial institution specifically in the Merchant processing division.  You know those electronic boxes on the counter that your credit card is swiped through...yeah, that's what I support.  So, this customer reached out to us because he has some strong opinions about how a product he is using is working.  Well, I decided to test his his product myself and see how well it was or wasn't working.  So..I logged onto his website and was a bit shocked.

He sells much more than we knew...guns, ammo, satellite tracking devices and so forth.  Very Mission Impossible looking.  Well, heck with the fear I'm buying something with my corporate card to prove the shopping cart works correctly.  So, I'm hunting (LOL, I crack myself up..hunting...) for something inexpensive to buy.  Ahhh...2.99...I'll take it.  I add it to the shopping cart, fill out the information to complete the order and then notice what I'm purchasing.  Genius has selected a box of bullets and has set up the account to send them to our corporate office.  Sweet Mother of Pekingese!!!! 

After I stopped shaking from the idea that our mail room manager almost received a box of bullets from me I deleted the item and found a nice bottle of hand sanitizer to order.  Oh my goodness, my heart is still rushing at that.  I can see the Dallas SWAT team showing up at my office and yelling..."I've got a head shot!".  And if they didn't take the head shot and just escorted me off the the heck would I explain to future employers that I was fired for accidentally purchasing bullets with my corporate card and sending them to my office.  Oh geez...

I survived this but am left now wondering ....does anyone else think it's creepy that this business that markets guns, ammo, satellite tracking software, body armor sells hand sanitizer? 

Best wishes and high hopes,
Jennie and the still-employed-much-shocked Pekes


  1. What a story! I'm surprised they sell guns, ammo and satellite tracking software. That is scary. The fact that they sell hand sanitizer, well, that's just odd. I guess if you share a gun or software or body armor for that matter, it's important not to spread germs. You didn't tell us if his product was working or not though? Do tell, lol.

  2. Oh you are too funny. At least it ended well ;)

  3. I'm just wary of the quality of the bullets he's selling for $2.99! Pretty cheap! LOL!

  4. Oh. My. Heck! The hand sanitizer must be for the fingerprints! (or the lack thereof..)
    Wow. Bullets, eh? Nice. Well, at least is wasn't a close-out special i=on hand grenades!!

    Love from Braxie & Lulu - the Utah king and queen of our doggiedom..

  5. Oh hey! Are you taking the Artful Pages class too? I just signed up! Sooo excited!

  6. Sounds like something I would do. I am also thinking hand sanitizer would be good for not leaving fingerprints. Yes, a bit unsettling.

  7. Jenn...I'm sittin' here at 3:04 a.m. killin' myself laughing at your latest escapade! I would sooooo do this same kind of thing darlin'!!!! Now....about that hand in blazes do you think they remove traces of gun powder from their digits? ROFLOL They may be dumb, but they sure ain't stupid!!!!!
    just me...who's only weapon is a green aluminum baseball bat...jan

  8. okay, this is the perfect way for us to be introduced!!!! I love it! I got the cold sweats for you when I read this!!! How's that mission impossible hand sanitizer working for you!? :)