Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am not an older woman!

For the love of Pekingese what is going on?
Last Saturday one of the "girls" at the jewelry store I work at said that I probably liked babies because I "keep hitting snooze on my baby clock".

Today, one of the "young whipper snappers" in my department asked me if computers were around when I first started in the banking industry. I almost think he was serious.

That balding waiter on Easter Sunday started it. Now everyone is calling me old!

Is it the weird gray streak that I have in my hair? Is it the freaking crow's feet? Is it the fact that I don't understand what-the-Pekingese is being said in most of the music out right now? Is it the fact that I keep singing "Green Acres" and have the theme to the "Love Boat" on my play list? Is it those crazy brown melasma spots on my face because my freaking hormones are a little nuts right now? (Which by the way the "girl" at the jewelery store even pointed out and asked if I was going to get them "lasered.")

Oh well, Charlie Brown said it best...

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and the old pooches


  1. Who's old??? That is crazy!! Smack those girls!! LOL!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I really appreciate it

  2. This is my latest conclusion. Anyone making comments like that whom are younger than myself are simply clueless in life. Anyone older than myself making age defying comments are approaching senility. This frees me from over thinking what they meant by such and such a comment. Put them in a mental compartment in your mind, because their thoughts are not worth your precious time. Although, some of them are really comical!