Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pink Saturday...Lady Di in Pink

I recall waking very early so that Mom and I could watch the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I suppose many women my age share a similar memory; gazing at the TV with tears of joy, in awe of the formality and the fact that we were watching a living fairy tale. I remember every shy glance Lady Diana gave her Prince. I fell in love that day with love. For me, Princess Diana will always be someone I admire, someone that showed me even though fairy tales don't have the predictable endings, life can be a wonderful tale.

Sadly, I recall to well the day she passed, the news coverage and how again, I was gazing at the TV but this time with tears of grief. May we all handle challenges as gracefully as she tried to and may we all try to give as much of ourselves to others as she did.

Love always to Princess Diana.

Best wishes and high hopes to each of you dear friends,
Jennie and the Pekes


  1. I just love Princess Diana. I always thought it would be nice to just hang out with her for one day at my home and let her just have a "normal" fun day. She was so wonderful and giving. There will never be another that could even compare.

  2. I remember when she died. It must have been similar to the grief that my mother felt when JFK died. I remember her ironing my father's hankies, and she started crying. She had panache, and class.

  3. I remember it well! The wedding and the day she died. Totally tragic. She was an awesome lady!