Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun Finds and Ticks

Happy Sunday dear friends,
I hope you've all had a wonderfully restful weekend. I've been busy scanning family pictures, creating some collage pieces and catching up on my naps! A few weekends ago I found something I've wanted for so long and envied when I see it in other's crafts - a vintage ledger. It's full of beautiful script with details about various businesses and well aged blank pages. It's a treasure that I keep flipping through and imagining all of the lovely things that can be done with it.

I also found some beautiful crocheted blue lace, an old book from the 30's that lists property and taxes for the state of Kansas, an unused brass photo compact and a juice glass that's name has escaped me. Mom collects these and anytime I find one for less than $5.00 I grab it for her. Sweet Mother of Pekingese...why can't I remember the name. Oh well!

I need to take some photos of the various collages I've been making. I'm really proud and have found something I truly love doing. I was inspired by Michelle Caplan's art featured in the May-June Somerset Studio. I love the idea of taking photos and incorporating them with other bits and images. Visit her site - she's amazing!

Yesterday was briefly traumatic. For those of you who don't know, I've had dogs for more than 30 years. I've experienced so many situations, injuries and illness with them. But I have never, ever dealt with a tick. Never. I pray I never have to again. I showered and dried my hair and when I walked into the den, there was precious Sandy, bleeding terribly from her head. Since she's blond it was very obvious and I searched and searched to find the source of the bleeding. She had this hard ugly monster attached that I couldn't remove so I rushed her to the emergency room. 10 minutes later they brought my beloved back and explained it was a partially engorged (is there a grosser word?) dog tick. It had managed to embed itself so far under her skin that when they removed it she lost a large piece of skin and had a hole the size of a pencil eraser on her head. The vet was surprised by the injury and didn't make me feel like an idiot for bringing her in because of a tick.

My little Sandy, a Hurricane Ike survivor, heartworms survivor and now tick survivor. It has healed well already though they had to shave her head some to treat the wound so she has a little bald spot. Needless to say, the yard is getting sprayed and the dogs shaved. I hope I never have to see a tick again...blech!
Below is a picture of a dog tick. I always thought ticks were brown or black and little. Boy was I wrong!

So...are you itchy now from reading this? ha ha ha

Best wishes and high hopes to each of you,
Jennie, the pretty pooches and Mr. Wicky.

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  1. I'm still iching from the tick story. Your poor baby. I hope Sandy is feeling better. I have been seeing some funky large looking bugs on my backyard patio lately, and they look very tickish to me. I also always imagined ticks to be very tiny, but now I know better too. I think I'll try to get a closeup photo of one to get other opinions. Scary!