Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Saturday - Pink Hats

Hello and happy Pink Saturday dear friends!

I thought this week would be a great time to celebrate pink hats! Why? Why not!
Now, since I live in Texas I couldn't begin this without a pink cowboy hat; a necessity for any junque fanatic and well, just rootin tootin fun to wear!

While I live in Texas, I'm a true Southern Belle at heart. Having been raised in Tennessee I can assure you that while Texas is in the ain't the South! People down here think everything has to have a jalapeno pepper in it and NO ONE knows how to make true cornbread and try finding a hush puppy somewhere other than Long John Silvers. My gracious!

As a true Southerner I was raised among aunties that believed in silver patterns, red nails, white gloves, lipstick...always, high heels and lovely manners. While I didn't wear hats all that often - except for that strange phase during junior high - it was always a treat to wear one on Easter Sunday. Something like this would have found it's way onto my head...
Today, I still love the preciousness of a fancy hat with tulle and millinery. And while I wish I were the kind of woman that could carry off such hats as these:

but these days a pink Phillies ball cap is more my speed...(modeled by the normally camera shy Peanut Butter.)

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,
Jennie and the pretty pooches

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