Monday, March 23, 2009

February and March Journal Pages

Happy Monday!

I have to make myself spend more time practicing painting and mixing paints, paper, and so on. Here's what I've put together over the last few weeks...they aren't going to be hanging on any walls but they really do represent my emotions and if nothing else - I'm proud of that.

Forgive me for the photo quality, I think it's time for a flat bed scanner.

Losing Control was a page I did prior to hearing from my current employer. I had totally lost control at that point, remember the one box of Little Debbies a day period of time?

Bad Dream represents the nightmares I've had for the last several years but especially lately..

This page represents a day when I felt a bit carefree. I think I had just had enough emotionally and was trying to remember everything and everybody that I love and cherish. ( I'm a little heavy handed with the aging paint..must refrain from going overboard....must refrain...must refrain...)

I did this page just because I had all sorts of images in a pretty teal green, this was a relaxing page to make. I actually put stitches on this page, I like the effect and will experiment with that more going forward.

The next page was made using an image shared by a fellow blogger (once I recall who I'll add her link). I just thought it was a beautiful picture and I had this beautiful glittery ribbon from Christmas that just matched perfectly.

Last but not least this one I made because I miss my best friend and her children (my darling niece and nephew) terribly. Jennifer (yep, we share the name) and I have know each other since 3rd grade and I'm lost without her friendship.

Thanks for spending time with me this evening.
Best wishes and high hopes to you,

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  1. I love your journal pages Jennie.........they are wonderful. So free and expressive. Good for you. Keep it going