Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of Spring in Texas!

For those who haven't spent much time in Texas let me explain our seasons.....

January - April the weather ranges from 36 degrees to 80 degrees, sometimes back to back. Yes, truly our weather changes that dramatically. We had snow here a month or so ago followed by a week of heat that required the AC.
April - September the weather ranges from warm to hotter than the heat of a thousand suns.

September to December - who knows.... 40 degrees maybe is the average but it's sprinkled with some lousy cold days and some humid heat....again, usually back to back. Shorts and flip flops have been seen at Christmas time.

But...for a blessed couple of weeks in late March and early April we have what we consider spring. We don't really have an autumn, leaves hardly change color and mums and pansies usually don't survive the return of heat in November. But in our "spring" is glorious. We have the most incredible breezes, the bluebonnets pop out, pear trees look snow covered and the song birds return. I love our spring, the wheat grass is starting to come out (unaware that it will be scorched and kindling in just a few months), the trees have the beginnings of leaves, windows can be left open and there aren't too many bugs yet. (You know that saying about everything is bigger in Texas...that extends to our bugs! )

I wanted to share some images of "my spring" with you. I hope you enjoy and for a moment, feel the peace that I feel.

Bluebonnets in a field near my house...

Wisteria and roses from the neighborhood...

The ducks have returned to the local park...

My other babies (my finches) have returned and started building a nest in a gourd I left for them; they also love to admire themselves in a mirror on my patio wall...

Vendors have begun selling grapefruit and watermelon from South Texas...

And last but not little Ginger Socks sends her love!

Best wishes and high hopes to everyone!


  1. are you in a city/the suburbs, country side of Texas? It is one of many states that I have not been to yet. I don't know that I would like so much heat. We get heat and humidity here, but only a few weeks in the summer can it be bad. But then again there is the ice/snow and the near 0 temps at times.......and that is NOT pretty.

  2. Beautiful spring pictures!! Love them. I am craving flowers right now...I need them desperately. I keep buying bouquets. LOL Spring, spring...where art thou???