Sunday, March 22, 2009

I survived my first week!

Well dear friends...I survived!!!

Yes, I made it through the first week with my new job. I truly love it there; such a professional place and for once I don't feel like the fate of the company rests on me. Such a relief!!!

Yes, my team has already tested me a me mis-information about what they do support and another person taking the Friday afternoon off for a "family emergency" (I didn't realize it was March madness). But other than that things went well. However......I long for my afternoon naps. Do you know I ended up sleeping almost all day yesterday!!!!???? How sad am I? ha ha ha

I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity and grateful for the support I've received from my friends, family and new friends I've made here in the land of The Pretty Pekingese!

So, I've been working on some journal pages and trying my hand at some Easter surprises. I'm working on some Bunny Fairies. No pictures of them yet as I'm still in the learning phase and well, right now they look like they've escaped from the laboratory of a mad scientist - poor little things!

I've also purchased two pieces of art from some blogger friends - I am so thrilled to finally own some of their pieces! Both Jen and Patti included the most beautiful note cards with my package but unfortunately in my excitement I framed them and took them to work before I could snap a picture. I'll have to post pics of those later. Here's what I purchased - please visit their Etsy stores as they both have so many lovely items for sale!

Noodle and Lou
Patti Gibbons

Wonder if I could convince Jenn to start making little Pekingese Lullettes? he he he
My beloved girls have missed me so much this week and of course, I missed them. I can't go ANYWHERE (if you know what I mean) without them jumping in my lap for attention. Now, this is sweet to a degree but when you are on the porcelain throne and 4 dogs are trying to jump on your lap...... Rather awkward!

I'll be online later to post some of my journal pages and some spring pictures from here in Texas. Our famous blue bonnets are in bloom and I can't wait to take pictures of them and share with you.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,

PS...just for housekeeping purposes....don't use the images from Noodle and Lou or Patti Gibbons - they do have copyrights! Thanks!


  1. THanks for the plug! I am sure you little babies miss you. My fluffy cat jumps up onto my lap when I am at the computer and is so content that she purrs and drools, lol. She does come into the bathroom in the morning to talk to me, but has refrained from jumping up into my lap (ouch!)
    :) glad you survived the week! xp

  2. awww...thanks Jennie!! You are such a dear.
    I'm lovin' your ideas on some pekingese never know!! :):)

  3. The image of 4 puppies trying to invade your lap as you sit on the throne is too too funny!!