Sunday, March 29, 2009


Happy Sunday everyone!

Normality has returned to my sweet little place in Texas - the weather is once again warm!
Yesterday I visited my favorite antique mall in the area, Mid-Cities Antique Mall. It's wonderful because there are almost no "non-vintage/non-antique" booths and so much of what is in there reminds me of my grandmother's house or my youth. Don't let the fact that I used to be a vendor there make you think I'm biased! ha ha ha The owner of this mall and the vendors are so wonderful - with warm welcomes and hugs they welcomed me and said how much they missed my little Monkey Faced, Ginger Socks. She spent many a weekend surprising customers by running over their feet.

Anyways...I found so many treasures but had to limit myself. I wanted to share my goodies with you because I just LOVE it when I find little Pekingese treasures.

The Peke on the left is stamped "JAPAN" so if this was an Occupied Japan piece then it was made between 1945 and 1951. I'll need to do a little research on it. The Peke on the right is a small planter and my first Peke planter! I've been looking and looking but never found any except on EBAY. Don't get me wrong - I love EBAY but sometimes I prefer the "thrill of the hunt".

The little pitcher in the middle is so sweet. I'm going to use it in the Easter Basket I'm making for my Mom. We still make baskets for each other and fill them with all sorts of little inexpensive trinkets. It's a tradition that we've done since I was little and got my first allowance.

The picture is the neatest old farm house from West Texas. I'll scan it later and share with everyone.

Lastly...I found part of an old birdcage. I say old, probably only 20 years or so. But it was half price and I can't wait to fill it with some of the paper flowers, birds and little paper fairies.

I hope each of you are enjoying a lazy and relaxing Sunday.

Best wishes and high hopes to you all,


  1. Aren't you the lucky one. Great finds!

  2. hi jennie! such cute finds! i see you have patsy & edina on your side bar...i LOVE those girls!! your blog is very nice!

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