Friday, February 6, 2009

Home Ownership....part 2

So...I managed to purchase the turbine but now I have to figure out how to get it installed and hope that I purchased the right size. I have a ladder but being short I still can't reach the roof without risk of giving my neighbors a good laugh! So, in the meantime I'm hearing a symphony of metal on metal, so lovely. I thought about filling up balloons with WD-40 and throwing them at the squeaky turbine but again, there's that risk of making my neighbors laugh. Plus, how do I explain if I over throw and hit my neighbor's car? YIKES

However with much joy and delight I made my first Girl Scout cookie purchase today. Ahhhhh....Thin Mints, crispy bites of Heaven. But I must encourage everyone, if you haven't tried "Lemonades" they are just as addictive. Holy Moly they are tasty. So much for the ole diet!

I was so impressed with the maturity and salesmanship of these young ladies that I can't stop thinking of them. I think I'll drive back tomorrow and see if they are camped out at Walgreens again and share with them some of my old badges from my GS days as a thank you. I literally have a box full of badges that wouldn't fit on my sash and pretty good bet some are "vintage"! ha ha ha

Anyways, here's a snapshot of my sash and some of the badges. Congratulations to all of the young girls and women are are involved with Girl Scouts!

Best wishes and high hopes to you all!


  1. Love you sash and badges. I still have mine too!
    How sweet of your to share with them.
    And thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such great well wishes.
    Hugging you

  2. Jennie,
    I just love the girl scout Thin Mints...although there is nothing thinning about them! I have tagged you if you are interested. Pop over to my blog for the details.

  3. We don't get girls scouts here in the UK (just Girl Guides), neither do we have girl scouts selling thin mints, and I can't help but feel that our country is a little poorer for that fact!
    Andrew Culture

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