Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Surprise!

SueAnn from SueAnn's Journey gave me an award! Thank you so very much - I'll be smiling all week with this one! Please visit SueAnn's blog; she a wonderful artist out of New Mexico. She is working on a Fairy journal that I can't wait to see; who doesn't love fairies!

So a condition of this award is to share 5 aspirations, likes or such that I'm working on this year. So here I go!

1) I'd like to take some art classes, either online or in person, to learn how to age images and create softer backgrounds.
2) I'd like to study religion more, not just mine but others. I feel a need to really be more spiritual. I'd love to find a way to express it in collages.
3) I want to go horse-back riding with my beau again. We went locally several years ago and had such a wonderful time. I'm not really comfy with horses so I was placed on a "gentle" one. Turns out "gentle" meant stubborn and lazy and full of "hot air" if you know what I mean. That girl ate every weed she could find, tried to go into a pond and tooted non-stop! Needless to say we couldn't stop laughing. Of course, this next time I might like to be on one that can digest food a bit better...
4) I'd like to try canvas art - maybe doing exaggerated versions of ATCs.
5) Oh....and I need to get a full-time job. The dogs seem to be insistent about having to eat!

Now, I'd like to pass the award on to the following individuals who like SueAnn are wonderful at their craft.

Dawn at has wonderful ideas and tutorials!
Rhonda at is my French inspiration!
Nancy's blog, is like being in a candy store - so many inchies!
June at shares the most amazing images for crafting!
Jenn at has a very modern take on folk art that I just love. If I were working I'd buy all of her clay dolls! heeee!

Thanks to all of these ladies and for all of the artists for sharing your lives and craft with me through your wonderful blogs!

Best wishes and high hopes to you all!!!


  1. Hi Jennie!! Thank you so very much for this sweet award! I am so honored that you think of my little ol' blog that way. I'm still sitting her laughing about your horseback riding experience!! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ and thank you again, xxoo, Dawn

  2. Oh Jennie! Thank you so very much!!! I'm so thrilled to be included:):) Your dogs are so adorable...look at them all on that little chair together! So sweet:):) And I got such a giggle at your comment about them insisting on being fed;) Happy week to you!! xox...jenn

  3. Thank you for joining in the fun of this blog award. I will definitely be visiting the blogs you mentioned too. By the way. Pam Carriker at will be teaching a class coming up in March about backgrounds. Well she isn't doing the class; Nancy Lefko is doing the class. But it sounds so intriguing. I have signed up. I have a link on my site to creative workshops. Visit and see for yourself.
    Hugging you