Friday, April 17, 2009

Blush and Bashful are my signature colors...

Don't you just love it when movie lines stay with you!

Welcome to Pink Saturday. I've opted to focus on decor today. I do love pink and am pretty inspired to re-do my bedroom!

Here's a peek inside Ms. Betsey Johnson's "pink penthouse." Every room has a strong influence of pink. This just says NY girly eclectic to me; I love it!

I have fallen in love with these lamps....must find them!

My favorite room by far is this one. I just love brown and neutrals; the brief touches of pink in this room are just perfect to me.

This room makes me want a cup of tea and a straw fan so that I can lounge the afternoon away...

This is an old Better Homes and Garden image from the 1950's. I once lived in an apartment with the original tile from when it was built in 1950. Pink and teal - I just loved it. The tile below reminds me of it as mine was in the same style but teal rather than the darker pink in the picture.

While these aren't my style I do appreciate how color unites the different styles and genres of the furniture.

Lastly, Martha Stewart has a pink house. Yes, it's decorated all in pink and it's so delicious! Would you not love to be a guest and wrapped in this pink icing of a room!?!

Enjoy your Saturday and find beauty even in the smallest, grandest and gaudiest of things!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and the Pretty Pink Pooches

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  1. Ooooo!! I love pink too!! Great rooms...thanks for posting them. I had no idea that Betsy Johnson loved pink...I love her style anyway!!