Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's 1984!

Oh my... the second British Invasion was in the late 70's / early 80's and what a time I had! From an early age I was enthralled with music, especially my dear first love...Adam Ant. It was February 1984 when I went to see Adam Ant and the Romantics at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville. That night is one of my favorite memories with my Dad, just the two of us experiencing some British craziness.

I share this with you because I just purchased the latest album from Adam Ant. A couple of years ago he did a show in England that was very small and acoustic. In between songs he read from his auto-biography. Why oh why couldn't I have been there! But fortunately they've released an album of the show and in about 2 weeks I'm going to feel as elated as I did that snowy February night in 1984. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (That's me spinning!)

Thought I would share some memories with you of that night, our ticket stubs and the t-shirt Dad bought me at the show.

Front of the Shirt.... (I wore this to school and my teacher, Mrs. Ramsey, wanted to paddle me for it. Luckily the Principal and Dad were good friends and he sent me back to class with a piece of candy and no punishment! I miss you Mr. Royster - you were cool before it was cool to say cool!)

Back of the shirt...
Best wishes and high hopes to all of you,
Jennie and the pooches

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  1. oh so jealous I would have loved to see Adam play live. shame I was only 6 in 1984...Love that Tshirt its amazing!