Friday, April 24, 2009

Moi? A hypochondriac?

Hello my friends!
I do hope you've each had a wonderful week. I had an enlightening week.

I realized that I'm not dying; I'm just dirty.

Let me start from the beginning. Long ago when my former beau and I were in the early stages of our relationship we used to go to the beach. Being much younger, skinnier and daring I would prance around in little bikinis completely unaware of Mr. Sun shining down on my very, very, very pale skin.

Well, Mr. Sun gave me second degree burns one flirty day and I now have legs that look like a connect the dots puzzle from the cartoon section of the paper. I have these ugly, "older woman" shall I say brown spots all over (see prior posting about my feelings on being an older woman) . They were brown until about 2 weeks ago. Then they turned purple. I went from looking like a rotting banana to something really weird. (Hmm...I guess looking like a rotting banana isn't weird in my book? ) I digress... so my spots turned purple...bright bluish purple.

Sweet Mother of Pekingese...what was going on I wondered. Every morning I would inspect them to figure out, why are they purple? Are my veins clotting? Did I catch mange from my neighbors dog? Every day when I went to the bathroom I would stare at my thighs and think...I"m a gonner. Every night I would get a hand mirror and poke at them wondering if they would explode.

Then, I became creative because quite frankly, I was getting a sore neck from trying to look at the back of my knees. I took pictures of my legs so that I could stare at these purple marks more easily. I went online, self - diagnosed my condition, determined what treatment I needed and started thinking about who would take care of the dogs.

On Monday I finally gathered my nerve and called the doctor. I begged and pleaded for an appointment and finally got one for May 11. Not soon enough but I screamed, I"LL TAKE IT. (Around Dallas, getting a doctor's appointment without at least 3 months notice is next to impossible!)

That night while I was washing my face I happened to look at some clothes that I had gathered to wash. On top was my new favorite pants.... They are wonderful. They are so soft and

I'm not dying...I'm just dirty.

Best wishes and high hopes to all of you,
Jennie and the dirty pups

By the way...if any of my friends have been faced with life-threatening situations that didn't turn out to be "in their head" please know that I mean no offense. I send best wishes and hopes to all that have crossed my path in hopes that no one ever suffers a moment. For those that do, I send prayers, love and always...hope.

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