Friday, April 3, 2009

Pink Saturday

Hello and welcome to my first Pink Saturday post!!!

To continue the 1980's vibe my first Pink Saturday will be reminders of that decadent decade!

I began the 80's doing the "backward skate" to The Spinners wearing a pair of these...

I dreamt of turning 16 and driving this baby, with Adam Ant playing on the tape deck of course!

Proudly wore pink leg warmers, then pink neon, pink jelly bracelets & shoes and pink stirrup pants!

Kept my hair out of my face with a pink banana clip

Collected a few of these...

Carried one of these to prom...

And of course.....fell in love with Andrew McCartney in Pretty in Pink...

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Best wishes and high hopes to you!

Jennie and the pink puppies


  1. Ahhh, the legwarmers. I had a few pairs. I wasn't a huge fan of the banana clip although I owned a few. Just didn't 'do' anything for me, kwim? When I rode in cars with boys we listened to Heart. I didn't collect many trolls, but I had tons and tons of Care Bears, I rec'd 16 of them for my 16th birthday! But the jelly shoes. Oh the jelly shoes. I had them in many colors and wore them all the time. I wore them with my painted on stirrup pants. It took me a couple years of marriage to grow out of the stirrup pants as my fashion. DH hated them. Don't forget about the parachute pants. I had a wonderful turquoise pair! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. hehe

  2. LOL!! I loved the movie Pretty in Pink as well!! And Andrew is a dream boat!! When I saw the pic of the stirrup pants I laughed out loud. Did we really wear these?? LOL Love your stories hun

  3. Oh my gosh! I forgot about those banana clips. I had skate covers, and a pink, lace, tlength dress for my prom with matching lace, fingerless gloves. And of course, blue eyeliner and mascara.

    I just realized your from TN. What part? I am in big orange country and a proud graduate of UT. I moved here from TX in the fourth grade. Small world...

    Glad you are doing well and loving work!