Monday, April 13, 2009

Technology, Compliments and Crafts...

Can't live with it....can't live without it!

So, my Internet and cable have been out for several days and sadly the techs couldn't figure out how to fix it w/out sending someone to the house. Heavens! I haven't folded the laundry, dusted or washed dishes in days! I think I managed to reboot the modem and cable box so many times that the technology fairies had enough of me because I'm up and running again! And the AT&T guy doesn't have to come in and see my mess! he he he

I hope you each had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed some Southern Gospel and a good peanut butter egg! those eggs!

My Easter was great; I spent the afternoon with Mom. Wait....the time with my Mom was wonderful however what I'm about to share with you will never be spoken of again.... I mean it!
Mom and I went to a steakhouse for lunch and were just having a great time. After our meal was delivered the waiter struck up a conversation with Mom; somewhere between asking her if she liked her steak and my drooling like a cave-woman over mine he said to me, "You're pretty...". Huh? Ok, well thanks but I'm kind of busy right now with this steak. He and Mom continued to talk and then he leaned close to me, smiled and said.... "I really like older women." instinct was to say, who the heck cares dude! Then what he said sank in.... "You're pretty. I like older women." Mr. Balding Waiter - are you seriously calling me an older woman! WHAT??? I must have had a rather stunned and cheek-filled-with-food look on my face as he proceeded to tell me that he bets I can pay my own bills and that I'm independent. I swear, if I hadn't been so busy licking the peppercorn sauce off my fork I would have smacked his balding, 28 year old head!

In my mind, I'm still a gangly 12 year old without a clue but I'm reminded constantly that I'm not by the really cute college boys that work at Smoothie Factory that keep calling me Ma'am (please do not call the cops on me for putting that in print) and the bouncer at a neighborhood bar that REFUSED to card. I can handle those reminders, even the reminder when I purchase a bottle of wine from a liquor store and rather than carding me the woman asks me to smile so she can see how wrinkly my eyes are. I can handle those minor reminders but to be referred to as an older woman. Sweet Mother of Pekingese what is that all about???? That was almost 24 hours ago and I'm still stunned. When did I become an older woman? I"m 36...holy crap....I"m 36! Holy crap.... before I go off the deep end...I want to share some of my newest creations. I'm pretty proud of these; I can tell my perspective is getting a little clearer (and so is my head after a nice sip of my "medicine").

The Fairy in a Jar is an idea from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. The wings are the history of Mom's name and I used some pretty paper to cover the top of the jar.

The next are different 3x5 cards that I made along with a circular fairy with the history of my name.

Why oh why can't I get these pictures to go in the right direction? Again...I'm so traumatized by being called an older woman that I can't even load a picture correctly...

I do hope all of you are well; thank you so much for your comments and laughs! I treasure each one. Let me know if any young punks have ever called you an older woman! ha ha ha
Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and the older dogs


  1. You are so cute Jennie!! We sure don't need reminders of us getting a little older do we? Your fairy in a jar turned out wonderful!! I love the idea of putting the history of her name on the wings, so neat! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment, we are all in love with baby Clara for sure! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ xxoo, Dawn

  2. First of all, you DON'T even look like your in you early thirties, let alone your mid thirties. Second, honey, calm down... I'm 40! Oh my gosh, where did my life go? Take the waiter's words as a compliment, if possible. I think he wanted you to think that he was in his "prime" and thought the same of you. (Hope that didn't offend). You're gorgeous baby! And, I love the art that you made. Especially the piece on the bottom left. I love the trim on it! And lastly, small world... I went to high school in Elizabethton. Does your mom still livein TN? xoxo

  3. Oh, dear. I totally understand how your head would still be spinning from that man's comment. He was just off his rocker! A few months ago, I was at a local craft store with my 6 and 7 year old children. This woman of about 60 years old turned to me and said, "What wonderful little grandbabies you have." Yikes! I promptly advised her I'm their mother, not their grandmother. She was a little taken aback, but not enough for my liking. Not to mention, grandbabies is not a term I grew up with. We call them grandchildren. Still not used to all the Southern terms around here. Nor am I used to the majority of grandmothers to be in their 40's. Heck, up in the Northeast, we don't start popping them out until we reach close to 40. I'm soon to be 46, and if you ask me, I don't look a day older than 40. Sometimes we just have to take into consideration the reference point from whom the comment comes from. Having said that, it still took me about 2 months to get over that comment. Hope you don't take that long, for your sake. :-)

  4. Unfortunately I am the older woman. I will be 60 this June!! When the heck did that happen???? LOL!! I hope you recover quickly and can take this all with a smile.
    Your new pieces are marvelous!! I especially love your captured fairy!!
    Think I need some of your "medicine"!!!

  5. I became so carried away in my previous comment, that I forgot to mention how lovely your artistic creations were. You are really coming into your own now.

  6. You are too had me cracking up reading this, lol. your creations are fabulous. Love the jar fairy and the cards are great.