Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have you tried taking 4 dogs to the vet at once?

Hello friends!

Each time I take the girls to the vet I have to laugh at myself. Juggling 4 dogs that LOVE going to the vet is quite something. They are so excited and full of energy because once they get's treat time!

So Saturday morning Sandy (my blonde Peke) had her follow up to test and ensure her heartworms are gone. (She's a Hurricane Ike survivor that joined the family in November and was infected after the storm washed away medicines and left behind many mosquitoes.) Miss Saffron (the black Peke) needed to have her teeth checked. The other two were just along for the fun. Truly, they all like visiting their vet; we are lucky to have such a wonderful veterinarian and support team near us.

Here are a couple of shots before each decided to take a tinkle on the floor (a first for us).

I went to Joanne's afterwards and much to my delight they were having a great sale on just about everything. I bought my first set of brushes, canvas, some more acrylic paint and some oil paint. Below is my latest, my first on a canvas.

Enjoy your Sunday and may you each have a great week.
Best wishes and high hopes to you all,
Jennie and the tinkling pooches

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